The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher Review

The Killing Woods - Lucy Christopher

This novel is told in the dual perspective of Emily and Damon. Emily's father is on trial for murder after returning from the woods y their home with the body of a young. Everyone believe's Emily's father is guilty because he was a soldier and suffers from PTSD. Therefore, he does not remember anything about the night he brought home the body. Emily is convinced her father is innocent, so she starts looking for clues as to what really happened that night in the woods. Damon was the boyfriend of the murdered girl. Just like Emily's father, he struggles with not being able to remember what happened the night his girlfriend was killed. As the story goes on, Damon starts remembering more and more of what happened that night. 

The book was well-written and I enjoyed the story, but I gave it 3/5 because it wasn't very original and it was honestly quite predictable. I doubt I would ever read it again, although I would like to see it made into a movie. I think it would be really interesting to watch.